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The Inside Track

Illinois� top two-year-old pacers were in action on Friday night as a pair of state-bred stake events helped bring the curtain down on the 2015 racing season

Starting Friday, Sept 4th, Maywood Park and the USTA Strategic Wagering Program will increase the guaranteed Pick-4 pool from $10,000 to $15,000 on Friday nights.

Online Wagering Provider & Track Collaborating to Promote Horse Racing & Betting in Illinois

As the Grand Circuit roars into The Big M, The Meadows and Balmoral on Saturday, the new month begins an extraordinary effort by the USTA and Strategic Wagering to entice new players into the game and veteran players back in the game.

The 2015 stake schedules for both Balmoral and Maywood Park have been released by racing secretary Doc Narotsky.

Group Parties

Maywood Park offers a variety of dinner and party packages for groups of 20-100

Chicago's BEST BET for a great party!

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